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eMag Marketplace

eMAG has been the Romanian market leader in the online retail industry since 2001, having developed the biggest online-based shopping platform in Romania.

eMAG is centered around technological innovation aiming towards making online shopping as accessible as possible and, while doing so, maintaining the highest standards of communication and service.

By creating Private Label, eMAG entered the league of major retailers that have products under their own brand. Accesis Translations has covered a large part of their translation service needs for Private Label products.

eMag’s request

eMAG is centerd upon quality and expects the same quality of service for the translation services they engage.

Because eMag have continuously launched Private Label products, the workflow needed to be adapted to the ongoing flow of translation requests for Private Label User’s Manuals in all fields of trade, using glossaries.

eMag was looking for a reliable technical translation partner that could handle a wide variety of texts (electronic goods, kitchen & household products, pet care, fashion and clothing) and translate from English/Romanian, into : Polish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Serbian, German

In order to provide quick paced delivery, we have adapted an agile way of working in which we can respond fast to accept great volumes. Our translators have made use of state-of-the-art machine translation based on Glossaries, followed by human revision.

This working style is required for large scale projects that need fast and consistent delivery, resulting in significant cost reductions.



Ivatherm is a dermocosmetic company for sensitive skin, created in 2005. The products are created and manufactured in France. Ivatherm is today one of the top dermocosmetic companies in Romania and its international presence currently includes 15 countries.

Ivatherm's request

The company is expanding rapidly thus needing translations for promotional materials for Ivatherm’s skincare products along with technical and legal documentation.

We helped with fast response times, fast delivery while
preserving the tone of the marketing message.


Mecanica Ceahlău

Mecanica Ceahlău S.A. is a joint stock company, established pursuant to a Government Resolution in Piatra Neamţ, Neamţ County. Mecanica Ceahlău has as main area of activity the manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery.

Quality assurance is of the highest importance and needs to be executed by linguists with in-depth technical knowledge.

Mecanica Ceahlău's request

The company was in need of highly specialized technical translation services as well as internal and economic documentation (Reports of the Management Board, Financial Statement Reports) used for official and public reports.

For most projects we used an extensive translation memory to reinforce the technical knowledge and terminology of our translators.

For extensive quality assurance we have also customized our services by delivering documents that track changes for more efficient processing on the side of the client.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs

The National Agency Against Human Traffiking (ANITP)

The Romanian Government has given significant importance to limiting human trafficking for over 15 years, in order to limit the scale of the human traffiking phenomenon.

Adopting the necessary institutional and legislative framework and setting standards for assistance to victims of trafficking and prosecuting traffickers needs thorough international cooperation.

Accesis Translations is proud to have been ANITP’s long term partner in providing translation services for classified documents as well as providing simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services in closed-doors meetings with international delegations and cross-border professional development workshops.


MB Distribution

Established in 1993, MB Distribution 100% Romanian private owned company is among the most longstanding value add distributors in the Romanian IT Market.

MBD offers solutions in all the market verticals: government, banking, health & pharma, utilities, transportation & logistics, automotive, industrial/manufacturing, oil & gas, telecom, Retail, HoReCa, education.

MBD's Requests

MBD has a portfolio of over 1.100 business partners, and a an array of technical, legal and marketing documentation translation needs.

As a translation partner we need to work closely with MBD for each project. To ensure quality, we have embedded a review step in the workflow, as a result of which we always score high on MBD’s own quality assurance scale.



APEX offers a full range of accounting and tax and payroll services to local companies and multinationals like Danone, Medicover, Delamode, Varta, Sygenta, Medicover, Alstom, Cegedim, etc.

APEX 's Requests

APEX needed a translation agency who would to ensure ongoing specialized translation mainly for Japanese, Dutch and English documents deriving from the company’s daily workflow.

We have been assisting APEX with all their requests, providing fast and reliable translation services ranging from economic documentation during transfer pricing inspections to documents needed all along verification procedures and customer information flows.



A crucial milestone in your global expansion strategy is starting your translation and localization project. At this point in your journey, you’ll need to put together a translation glossary to help language experts and localization engineers perform a better job.

Here’s how you can create a Glossary of Terms that will help you complete your translation projects successfully.

Step 1. Define technical terms: words & phrases.

Get your team to work together on a shared file to list & define:

  • Words that describe characteristics of the product and/or service
  • Names of the materials and substances used in your industry
  • provide examples of how terms are used in your content and mention for each word or phrase whether it’s a noun, verb, or adjective.
  • If the case: acronyms & abbreviations often found in the technical documentation

Step 2: List the Not-to-Be-Translated Words

Some companies prefer to keep specific terms in the original language across multiple markets. Usually, you do it for product names, technology names, and trademark terms to maintain a unique global brand identity.

Ensure that words on this list have definitions and guidelines that help translators and content creators understand how the names should be used in various communication contexts.

Step 3: Set Rules for Any Modifications

While everyone in your organization can access the translation glossary, not all people should have the power to make changes inside it.

Ensure you establish strict rules for updating and reviewing the content in your glossary to preserve its value.

In your rules, include:

  • Who can make changes, and who can approve them before they become permanent.
  • The events that generate changes, such as using new tools or materials in your business processes, introducing new features, or launching new products.
  • How modifications are communicated to users.
For best results, get your language service provider to proofread the glossary with their team of native speakers.

NOTE: Content creators, translators, editors should all get access to the information in this gossary database.

Any error or ambiguity in your glossary will be carried through to the final translation and localization project.

So make sure all terms are translated correctly and accurately to avoid misunderstandings, facilitate translation and reduce the risk of errors.

Many other national and international clients have entrusted us with various translation and website localization projects. Here is what some of them had to say about us:

“Our company MOTORcheckUP, based in Birstein near Frankfurt, Germany, has had thousands of customers from all over the world over the years. From Europe to China, from Russia to South Africa, from Brazil to the USA, from Korea to Canada.

We have recently worked with Accesis for translations and can recommend them for their availability, perfect quality, meeting deadlines and warm contact with all employees. During the collaboration with us, the people at Accesis:

  • Have been dedicated to building a long-term relationship with us;
  • provided us with expert advice;
  • demonstrated flexibility for MOTORcheckUP translation orders;
  • responded promptly to all MOTORcheckUP requests and urgent needs;
  • they were easy to keep in touch with and maintained an active and professional dialogue with MOTORcheckUP;
  • they had clear and uncomplicated written communication.

You can explore our website www.motorcheckup.com, where you can check for yourself the quality of the translation services provided by Accesis, especially the Chinese translation.”

Gert Horstmeyer, CEO MOTORcheckUP GmbH

We use Accesis Romania for translation services; they are responsive to email communication, very thorough in the translation work, and professional. We are very pleased with the translation services of Accesis Romania!

Myriam Avery, MA – Executive Director
Agape Adoptions, USA


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